Aphrodisiacs for men, boost your testosterone level
  • Hot Drink Men Pack

    Set of 3 items
    Aphrodisiac for men

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  • Performance pack ( Supramen + Menbooster )

    Set of 2 items
    The pack that boosts your sexuality

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  • ErecTab Fast Acting (20 tablets)

    20 Tablets
    Erection and virility Over 45s

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  • Erection MenBooster (Bottle + Pods)

    Set of 2 items
    Stronger erections

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  • Erection pack

    Set of 2 items
    For firmer erections

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  • Hot Drink for men

    Bottle 250 ml
    Contains Muira Puama (Bois bandé)

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  • MenBooster erection gel sachets

    Box with 6 Bags
    Erection gel sachets

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  • Supramen 10 capsules

    10 Capsules
    More sexual potency

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  • Supramen 20 capsules

    20 Capsules
    Sexual stimulation and length of ...

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  • Titan XXL (20 tablets)

    20 Tablets
    Sexual desire and erection

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  • Virility Pack

    Set of 2 items
    Boost your virility

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  • XL Power 10 capsules

    10 Capsules
    Super-powerful sexual stimulant

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  • XL Power 20 capsules

    20 Capsules
    The 4-in-1 aphrodisiac

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  • Pro Virility Caps (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    Boost your testosterone levels

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Sexual desire

Powerful and natural aphrodisiacs

Having confidence in yourself and your abilities is important for a fulfilling sexuality. However, between fatigue, professional stress and personal problems, your sexual desire is not always there and your libido is not the same. Labophyto offers solutions to boost your sexual desire. Sexual stimulants such as MenBooster or SupraMen, developed by our laboratory, can strengthen your virility, stimulate your sexual desire, prolong pleasure and increase your performance.  Labophyto uses natural ingredients with aphrodisiac virtues, that can increase the male desire. Erections are strengthened, you have more stamina and more sexual energy.

Our cures to improve your sexuality

Rediscover a fulfilled sexuality and vigorous lovemaking and try out our sexually stimulating cures such as the 3-month program HotDrink or BoisBandé at least twice a year. For a natural energy boost!

Natural ingredients

It is common that your sexual desire varies throughout the year, it may increase or diminish, depending on the season. To balance the changes of your libido, we offer natural and very effective solutions. Our products are based on plant extracts and have no side effects. Discover our wide range, designed for your specific needs, related to your sexuality. For more information, our team is will gladly assist you by phone or email.